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About the Coast Starlight Communities Network

§         About Us

§         The importance of positive advocacy

§         Join Us

-         Meetings and Events

-         How can I help the Coast Starlight and America’s other trains?

-         Our Current Flyer

-         Environmental Footprint
Compared to other modes of transportation

§         Current Projects

§         Links

§         Contact Us



About the Train –

§         Amenities

§         Equipment
will include diagrams of all cars and compartments

-         Sleepers

-         Pacific Parlour Car

-         Dining Car

-         Sightseer Lounge

-         Coach

§         Food Service

-         Dining Car

-         Pacific Parlour Car service for Sleeping Car passengers

-         Room Service for Sleeping Car passengers

-         Café

-         At-seat meal service for Coach passengers

§         Tips for Travel

-         First-time travelers

-         Baggage

-         Cameras

-         Traveling with Children

-         Financial and Performance Statements



About the Route –

§         Discover the Route
Station and city information

§         College Railtrip
A collegian’s travel solution to and from school

§         Daytrips
Leave in the morning and return in the evening

§         Route Guide
Detailed route information

-         Official Coast Starlight Route Guide

-         Coast Starlight Route Map  from

-         Coast Starlight Communities Network Route Guide

-         Interactive Google Map version of Route Guide
(bigger project, hopefully in the future)

-         Scanner frequencies and Using a GPS Onboard

§         Current Timetable from

§         Train Status

-         Train Status Map showing where each trainset is

-         Customized train status displaying only the Coast Starlight

§         Coast Starlight History




§         Travelogues

§         Photo Galleries


Downloads –

§         Official Coast Starlight Route Guide

§         Current Timetable

§         Our Current Flyer

§         Coast Starlight Route Map

§         Coast Starlight Communities Network Route Guide





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